Message from the President

株式会社鳥羽洋行 代表取締役社長 鳥羽重良Our company was founded in 1906, in Dalian city, which is now situated in China. Since then, we have re-started our business in Japan after the end of the war, and have followed the "Philosophy of Trust" till present, to contribute in Japanese society. Thanks to the support of the society and our stakeholders, our business has completed 100 years.From Japan's postwar revival period to the high-growth era, the spirit of manufacturing has been driving force for everyday life of Japan. These days, the business is directly and greatly influenced by overseas economic and social conditions and the impact and speed of the change is always increasing. Globalization is advancing as every company is choosing flexibility to survive. We communicate customer's needs to suppliers and develop their products, and acquire cutting-edge knowledge of production equipments and machine tools to inform our customers. And, by doing networking of the business, we also play a role as a specialized trading company.We will continue to do our business with the company philosophy with five sections and "Philosophy of Trust", and, from now on too, we shall strive to succeed by connecting the hundred years of trust to the future. And, we want to totally coordinate cutting edge and complex technologies of "FA Planner TOBA" in the real production site, to provide the latest and more efficient production equipment and machinery tools, considering the global environment. And thereby, we shall contribute to the development of the industry and the global environment.From now on too, we hope to be blessed with your cooperation and support.

Minoru Endo
President & Representative Director