Our History

TOBA, INC. was founded in September 1906 by Shinsaku Toba, in what is now Dalian, China. The Company was, for two generations, involved in the production and sales of products such as machinery tools, rubber products and iron and steel to various industries including railway, mining, shipping and machinery industries, in China. At that time, the Company’s business flourished and the Company grew to 16 branches and five factories in the major cities of China and Japan. However, with the end of World War II, the Company was forced to suspend all its business operations. Later in December 1949, the Company was re-established in Chuo-ku, Tokyo and has been in business ever since.

Dalian Headquarters at the time of foundingDalian Headquarters at the time of founding Ginza Headquarters at the time of re-establishmentGinza Headquarters at the time of re-establishment
Headquarters BuildingHeadquarters Building Osaka Sales Office BuildingOsaka Sales Office Building